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About Mabel Valdiviezo


Credit: Hemali Acharya Zaveri


Mabel is a multidisciplinary artist who creates intimate and immersive works through film, mixed media, video, tech, and performance. Her work explores themes such as transnational migration, gender equality, decolonization, and contemporary indigenous spirituality.


An award-winning filmmaker, Mabel has exhibited her films in the United States, Latin America, and Europe, including LALIFF and the Cannes Film Market. She is an alumna of the Sundance Producers Conference and the NALIP Latino Producers Academy.


As a community artist, Mabel co-creates with immigrants, women, and seniors using the expressive arts to promote empowerment and resilience. She has been invited to speak about her work at universities and arts organizations, including UC Davis, UC Berkeley, and CounterPulse. Her work has been featured on BBC Outlook, ABC7, Forbes, and HuffPost. 


I am a 21st-century artist-techno-shaman who draws inspiration from Latin American culture, my Peruvian ancestry, earth spirituality, and gender justice. My art praxis focuses on counter-narratives of the immigrant body through storytelling, ritual, and cultural healing.


My approach is multi-disciplinary - I use film, video, dance and interactive tech to depict portraits of transnational migrants. Evocative collages and luminous paintings created over archival photos convey an uplifting narrative about the untold humanity of undocumented immigrants.


My films use traditional and experimental storytelling techniques, turning the camera inward to reveal authentic first-person stories in my community.

In chronicling my own experience as an undocumented female filmmaker, I reclaim authorship and perform an act of narrative justice.


In my dance work, I explore gender oppression and liberation through shamanic ritualized performance with interactive tech. Collaborating with dancers on the stage, or as a solo performer, I create futuristic visions of collective female power.


• SF Cutters, San Francisco, 2020

• CounterPulse, San Francisco, 2019

• Femigrants, Menlo Park, 2017

• UC Davis Social Justice Initiative, Davis, 2015

• Summer Institute Migration and Global Health, Berkeley, 2015

• North Carolina Farmworker Health Program, North Carolina, 2015

• The Expat Woman, San Francisco, 2015

• San Francisco State University, Screenwriting class, 2006

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