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Metamorphosis: Phase 1

Metamorphosis: Phase 1 by Mabel Valdiviezo with collaborators Travis Bennet and Juliana Mendonca is an immersive dance performance that combines shamanic storytelling with interactive visuals and sounds to explore the intersection of forced family separation, trauma and the well-being of Latinx immigrant women. Whenever possible, this work includes a community engagement component with art and dance for healing workshops and a community art exhibit by immigrant women living in the Tenderloin and the Mission district in San Francisco. Funded, developed, and shown at CounterPulse Combustible Residency 2019. 

Next steps:

We are looking for performance and touring engagements to show the piece more broadly in the Bay Area and beyond. Contact

In development:

Metamorphosis: Phase 2  is an immersive multimedia project that depicts the sorrow, pain, joy, and hope of the Latinx immigrant journey. In this multifaceted work, Valdiviezo mixes dance, choreography, indigenous and contemporary technology with social justice, cultural and gender healing. Phase 2 will further integrate women from the immigrant community bringing them onto the stage and inviting them to participate in dance and art workshops, community talks, and healing circles. This project aims at transforming this humanitarian crisis into a collective creative process that hints at reparation, empowerment, and ongoing healing. 

Get Involved

Interested in becoming a community partner or a funder of Phase 2?


Thank you for your support! 

Metamorphosis: Phase 1  Credits

Conceived & Directed by Mabel Valdiviezo

Creative Technology by Travis Bennett 

Choreography by Juliana Mendonca

Performed by Juliana Mendonca, Mabel Valdiviezo

Music by Ronald Sanchez aka “Altiplano”  

Amazonian Shamanic Paintings by Limbert Gonzales 

Costume by Gloria Lastenia Reátegui & Bila Flores Guayan 

Lighting Design  by Cathie Anderson 

Additional Art by TAS Visuals, Alvaro Enciso

Trailer Editing by Justin Ebrahemi

Videography by Annie Escobar, Mabel Valdiviezo, Raymond Larrett

Additional footage by Russ McSpadden / Center for Biological Diversity

Photo by Robbie Sweeny

Marketing and social media by Justin Ebrahemi, Mabel Valdiviezo, Tracey Hum

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