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“Prodigal Daughter" tells my own story as an undocumented immigrant during the Prop.187 era, when anti-immigrant sentiment was on the rise in California, while invoking its parallels to the present.

Documentary in progress

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“Carlos Baron, Poeta Pan" follows Carlos Baron, Bay Area multicultural theatre evangelist, who takes us on a fascinating road trip to Chile to explore love and exile through the poetry of Pablo Neruda after the death of Pinochet.

Documentary short, 14 minutes

“Soledad Is Gone Forever” is a drama that explores the long-term psychological impact of political persecution through the eyes of Soledad Gonzales, a young photographer who learns her father's remains have been found in a mass grave in Chile. 

Narrative short, 14 minutes

The eros, the body, and the androgynous self

Mabel Valdiviezo was one of the few women artists in

the punk Peruvian "subte" scene in the late 80s and early 90s.

The young artist captured in her first video works key concerns

that she developed in a trilogy about eroticism, the body and the androgynous being. The videos and experimental short films

were shot between 1991 and 1993.


These early works include:

"Hidden Desire," 1989 

"Accessible Transparency,"  1992,

"The Water's Muse," 1993.

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