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Video Performance

“Transformation: 3 Vignettes for Healing with Dance ” (work-in-progress) celebrates the spirit of women who resist oppression through gender and cultural healing. Both poetic and visceral, this work embodies self-representation and agency, turning inward to reclaim the power of the sacred feminine.


Through video and photography, I am capturing expressive and experimental performance dance pieces that offer a defiant narrative on what it means to be a female going through cancer and recovery. Using my own chemotherapy intervened body, I reflect on sexual politics about how our gender identity encounters trauma, violence, repression, and finally, liberation when we take back the power that society and culture have denied us. My performance work is influenced by Butoh, Pina Bausch, Marina Abramović, and Violeta Luna.     

Video Performance, work-in-progress, 2017 - present
Directed and performed by Mabel Valdiviezo
Cinematography & GIF animation: Zen Cohen:
Music: "Navegacion" by Silvania, Luke Thomas, Ricardo Pujol



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