Why Art Journaling 4 Healing

Harness the healing power of the expressive arts to reignite a deeper connection with yourself. Explore your innate creativity through art journaling and gentle dance movement.

  • Easy access to our creative practice 

  • Expands and reshapes our inner self as creators

  • Changes our attitude in the face of life challenges

  • Integrates our mind/body/spirit

Workshop Testimonials

"The Art Journaling for Healing workshop led by Mabel was so powerful and really influenced my own art making!  Her workshops are so comfortable and I felt encouraged to explore in a relaxed and non-intimidating environment!  I now follow her work and can’t wait for the next workshop."

- Debbie, participant, Ruth's Table, 2018


"Mabel’s workshop was a fun and inspirational afternoon. Mabel demonstrated the materials, showed us her own beautiful journal, then set us free to play, offering thoughtful words along the way.  The workshop reminded me that creative self-expression is important for so many reasons."

- Marcie, participant, Ruth's Table, 2018

"I attended Mabel's Art Journaling workshop knowing very little about art and healing, so I decided to attend with a willingly open heart.  In the process of creation, I was able to identify with words, shapes, and figures, the emotions I had such a hard time describing before.  By bringing it to light, this enabled me to tap into my emotions to activate them within me."

- Nataly, private group participant, 2019

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