Art Journaling for Cultural Healing

Location: San Francisco Bay Area

Your Journey Begins Here!

Heal your Latinx/Latina/Latino inner child with a soothing art journaling session. Learn how to use collage, water-based painting and drawing while releasing stress and emotional pain.


What You'll Experience

We begin with a brief introduction to art journaling followed by a culturally infused ritual to set our intentions. As the immigrant community is often portrayed in negative ways, we commit to a process of individual and group inquiry to challenge internalized beliefs of fear, shame, and inadequacy. 


We experiment with accessible materials, exploring in a healing space that enables us to bring out our own unique personal expression through art. We emerge from this holistic and creative process determined to lead our lives with greater courage and pride for who we are.​​

  • Enhances Self-esteem

  • Enables Empowerment

  • Releases Trauma​​​


Materials: Bring a photo or symbol of your cultural heritage.

Class limited to 10 participants. 

No experience necessary.

I facilitate this workshop in community centers, schools and in private settings. Contact me for more information.


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